PALEO Lifestyle 8 Week BootCamp


How to Feel and Look your best in just 8 Weeks. Dr. Caras has helped thousands of people in private practice since 2004. His book “Detoxify Your Lifestyle” has helped many more people live a Healthy Life in America and around the globe. Now, Dr. Caras’s Paleo Lifestyle BootCamp has put everything you need to Take your Health back in just 8 weeks.

Dr. Caras will break it down for you in a weekly video for 8 weeks straight. Each week, Dr. Caras will add in a new healthy Paleo protocol for you to implement into your life and your family’s life. You want to be the healthiest family on your block – It is time to take the BootCamp.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?


My name is Dr. Nick Caras, and I have been in private practice helping patients regain their health and their life since 2004. I graduated from the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic and went on to get my Diplomate in Wellness Sciences from the International Chiropractic Association. Through many hours of clinical nutrition courses and post-education courses, I decided to write my 1st health book which was published in 2008.  “Detoxify Your Lifestyle” received such great feedback and great testimonials I have now decided to take it a step further to help as many people as possible to regain their health and regain their life the right way.  As Chiropractors, we have been teaching and preaching the Paleo way of life for years, but now America is really catching on to what it takes to regain your health.

The one thing you need to know about me, is I am here to help you.  Helping sick, tired, fatigued, chronic pain and chronically ill patients is what gets me up in the morning.  Let’s go on this journey together to help you regain your life back.  The whole reason I put this bootcamp together is because I realized it takes time for people to change.  You do not change lifelong habits overnight or even over a week.  By reading my health and wellness books, you might change for a little bit or get some great take-aways and inspiration, but my goal is to get a real Lifestyle change for you and your family.  I believe it takes about 2 months of constant education and motivation for you to make a real lifestyle change.

This is why I put together the PALEO Lifestyle 8 Week BootCamp


When I realized you needed a little more than just a book or a seminar, I worked day and night to put together the “PALEO Lifestyle 8 Week BootCamp”. We live in a sick and toxic world. America is one of the unhealthiest industrialized countries in the world. We take more medications than any other country in the world yet we still rank as one of the unhealthiest (go figure.) Only YOU are responsible for your own health. It is time that You take responsibility and start getting healthy Today.

Who this program is for:

  • People who are sick and tired of being sick and tired
  • People who want to follow an entire PALEO lifestyle (not just the diet)
  • Chronically ill people who are ready for a change
  • Those of you who have tried everything and you still feel like crap.
  • People (and families) who are ready for a new lease on life
  • Want more happiness
  • More energy
  • Better relationship with food and with yourself
  • Want to be able to fall asleep and stay asleep for an entire night.
  • Those of you who need more passion and purpose in your life

Who this program is NOT for:

  • Quick fix mentality
  • Fad diet mentality
  • Lazy people
  • Those of you who want to rely on your doctor for a new magic pill, potion or lotion.
  • Those of you who like to blame your doctor for all your ailments.
  • Those of you who want to blame DNA or genetics instead of overcoming them.
  • People who are not willing to change their lifestyle habits

What do you get with the program?

  • *8 weeks of unlimited access to Dr. Caras – Any and all your questions will be answered.
  • *Introductory Motivational video
  • *Every week for 8 consecutive weeks you will receive a new video based on Dr. Caras’ Big 8.
  • These are Dr. Caras’ 8 most important strategies to take back your Health.
  • *After the 8 week BootCamp, you still have limited access to Dr. Caras for questions through his personal facebook page.
  • *Action steps and goals after each week’s video to keep you engaged and moving forward.
  • *Ongoing Health emails and blogs from Dr. Caras

*Bonus Item #1 – Free signed copy of Dr. Caras’ book – “Detoxify Your Lifestyle”

*Bonus Item #2 – A snapshot of how Dr. Caras lives, eats, exercises himself and his family. I hate it when other Doctors do seminars or webinars and tell you what to do, but don’t tell you how they live, eat, exercise and raise their kids. I will show you exactly what I put in my body every day. I will show you my household items such as cleaning products and bathroom products. I will show you exactly how I exercise throughout a week. I will show you what are meals look like. I will even show you the healthiest ways to grocery shop and eat out.

Are you ready for a Life – Changing program? The time is now. I cannot say it enough, only YOU are responsible for your health. When you are ready to make a serious change in your health, we will be here for you.

Program Cost

I usually charge $150/hour for Lifestyle/Nutrition consultations with the patients I see in my private practice. The Paleo Lifestyle 8 Week BootCamp will give you access to me via email 24/7 for the entire course. Each weeks video will range in time but I suggest at least a couple hours of work each week and goal setting on the action points we will go through each week. Along with the video trainings each week, you will have to spend realistic time in your own home implementing the real life strategies we are going to teach you. Other courses that are this in depth should cost over $2,000 for the entire 2 months. The years of clinical practice and extensive continuing education needed to put this course together even $2,000 would be a steal for this course. As it is our mission to help as many people as possible regain their health, we are offering the PALEO Lifestyle 8 Week BootCamp for a discounted one-time fee of $349.


FOR $349.00 ONLY

What Our Past Participants Say

  • I suffered from acne and achey joints my since middle school and into adulthood. It wasn't until I started to follow Dr. Caras' paleo lifestyle plan that my skin finally cleared up. It was so easy, and I cannot believe any of the various doctors I have been to my entire life have never mentioned the real cause of my problems. My self esteem has skyrocketed ever since going through the paleo bootcamp.
  • After spending most of my 20's and early 30's with no energy, insomnia and needing multiple cups of caffeine to get me through the day, I knew I needed a change. Dr. Caras' Paleo program gave me my life back. I no longer need to go to starbucks multiple times a day. I sleep better, I feel better and I am getting more out of life than ever before. Dr. Caras' 8 Paleo strategy sessions not only got me in shape, but made my overall sense of well-being much greater. I am forever grateful, and I will live this life forever.
  • As a college athlete, I knew I need the extra boost. I had been following the paleo diet since high school with great results, but when I heard about the 8 week paleo bootcamp from a teammate, I knew it was for me. The program improved my mental clarity, my strength and my endurance. It was amazing that I thought I had been training and exercising right all these years, but how I was training was actually detrimental to my performance. Thanks Dr. Caras for showing my how to take my health and training to a whole new level.

About Non Stop Paleo

Dr. Nick Caras is has been in private practice since 2004 as a wellness-based chiropractor with a diplomate degree from the International Chiropractic Association in wellness sciences. He is very passionate about teaching people in America and throughout the world about the entire Paleo-Lifestyle.