What to feed your kids for breakfast in such a Fast-Paced Life?

You have heard it a million times; “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” When referring to your children, it is even more important. Think about it, your kids need the brain power to go to school and stay focused, they need the energy for all their activities and sports, and most importantly they need the proper fuel, nutrients, vitamins and minerals to grow, develop and maintain an ever changing immune system. This can either be propelled or greatly disrupted with what you are feeding them at the breakfast table.

I realize we are all busy; getting ready for work, eating ourselves, getting the kids up, diapers changed, teeth brushed, school books ready, etc. The start of your day must be planned out the night before. Get as much ready as you can, because this “breakfast time” is so crucial to the health and development of your children as well as the sanity of yourself.

Almost all breakfast foods are loaded with crap. Sugars, wheat, toxins, artificial colors are all over the most common breakfast foods. Do you think nature intended your children to eat a bowl of neon colored marshmallows for breakfast? Take a step back and think about it. What do you think these ingredients are doing to your kid’s brain development? Don’t they deserve a better start? All this sugar is beating up their immune system; no wonder they are getting sick all the time. All the processed wheat is causing leaky gut in these little digestive tracts leading to sinus problems, allergies & asthma. We can only imagine what all the artificial colors and sweeteners are doing to their learning power, brain development and overall focus.

The basic premise of the Paleo diet is to get off of grains and dairy. Can you say cereal, toast or bagels? How about your daily coffee with cream? It is time to totally revamp your breakfast and get you and your kids off to a healthy start. Let’s start with cleaning out your kitchen. Get rid of all your cereal boxes, bagels, breads and other easy breakfast baked goods. It is time to start eating REAL FOOD. So here we go:

How about organic, free range eggs. Eggs always have been and always will be a SuperFood. They contain health promoting fats as well as protein; exactly what a developing brain thrives on. Add a cut up avocado for more omega 3 fats and some fresh organic berries for all their phytonutrients and antioxidants. Does it take a few more minutes than throwing a bowl of processed cereal and milk in front of your child? Sure it does, but how much time does it take to visit your pediatrician when your kid has a fever, or how about taking a whole day off of work because your child has to come home from school. By starting your kid’s day off the right way, they are going to be so much healthier and when all the other kids at school are coming home sick, your child will have the best functioning immune system in class!

It’s pretty simple; do not start your day off with sugar and artificial colors. Instead, put some healthy fats and protein inside your child’s belly and watch them thrive. Wouldn’t you love for your child to be more focused, do better in school, have more energy during sports and other activities, rarely miss a day of school due to illness, be healthier, happier and just more balanced? Of course you would, and a major part of this has to do with breakfast time. Below is 2 sample breakfasts’ I personally do for my 2 year old. We do the “egg’s breakfast” almost every day. If we are in a rush, then we do the smoothie breakfast. Each morning, I also do the vitamins with breakfast every day in order to get the brain and immune system functioning properly first thing in the morning.

Breakfast 1:
1-2 lightly scrambled eggs – use coconut oil for the extra added “healthy fat”
½ cut up avocado
Fresh berries – blueberries, raspberries, strawberries or blackberries
With water (never ever juice)

Breakfast 2 – Smoothie
Frozen mixed berries
Spinach leaves
Protein powder
(1/2 banana if I have one on hand)

Vitamins every morning (for my 2 year old)

Antioxidant powder
Fish oil
Vitamin D
Want to learn more about how my fast-paced family still makes time to eat and live paleo. Check out my 8 Week Paleo BootCamp to learn how you and your family can be live an entire Paleo-Lifestyle as well!!

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