The first few years of life our vital to develop your immune system and overall health.  If you get the first few years of life right, you can be much healthier, have a much stronger immunity, have better brain development, and just be a much healthier person for many years to come.  This means putting the right stuff in your body and keeping the bad junk out.

What does this mean for mom and dad.  Planning, will-power & dedication.  Breastfeed for the first year of life is essential.  Formulas will never be as healthy, fresh, and full of the right types of nutrients than mom’s breast milk.  Also, keep in mind that whatever mom eats baby gets.  Whatever medications mom takes, baby gets.  Whatever vitamins mom takes, baby gets.  So it is vital that mom stays healthy and Paleo during the first year of life for their baby’s sake.

When you start to introduce foods somewhere between 6-12 months make sure they are getting the right type of foods for an infant.  This usually means foods with a high fat content such as avocados and egg yolks.  After that, it is time for veggies (pureed or steamed.)  Stick with whole foods as your baby  ages.  Stay away from anything packaged.  I realize it takes more time and planning to make your own baby food at home but it is well worth it for the rest of your children’s life.  I also suggest to all my parents to start your kids on vegetables as opposed to fruits as they will develop their sweet tooth early if you introduce fruits to fast.  Always opt to give them veggies those first few months.  You can also start to add in probiotics, fish oil and even Vitamin D at this point.

Obviously, you want to stay away from all the grains, chemicals, and artificial crap that is in all the packaged foods at your local grocery store.  When you switch to a more whole foods diet with your kids, you will notice a lot less sicknesses, colds, flu’s and doctor visits.  Your kids will be more vibrant, less hyper, better sleepers, etc.  For more info on this type of lifestyle, check out out “Non-Stop Paleo 8 Week Bootcamp.”

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