If you are trying to get healthy and take back control of your weight, your energy and your overall health; grains need to be avoided most of the time.  In recent years, we have got rid of the myth that fat has been the cause of all our healthy issues.  Yes, trans fats are definitely not good for you, but almost all other fats seem to be beneficial to your health.  Saturated fats in moderation are ok to consume and unsaturated fats are really, really good for your health.  Omega 3’s are absolutely necessary for you to be healthy and to get your cholesterol in check.

So why do so many Americans have a bad cholesterol readings.  It is most likely due to grain consumption.  Grains are a staple in the Standard American Diet, and they shouldn’t be.  Many years ago during the Paleolithic period, grains were hardly eaten.  Ironically during this period, there were very rare instances of heart disease.  So what is the culprit of High Cholesterol?  Grains, grains and grains.

Here is a list of foods you need to eliminate if you are trying to get your cholesterol levels in check the right way.  We don’t want you to just cover up the problem with statin drugs that come with side affects; we want you to get rid of the actual cause, which is most likely too many grains throughout the day.

Grains and foods to quit consuming today:

  1. Wheat
  2. Cereals
  3. White flour
  4. White sugar
  5. Pancakes/waffles
  6. Breads
  7. Pastries and other breakfast foods
  8. Starchy vegetables such as white potatoes
  9. High fructose corn syrup
  10. Corn


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