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November 9, 2015
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December 11, 2015

My type of Paleo – Living Paleo in 2015


My type of Paleo – Dr. Nick Caras explains his Paleo Lifestyle & what he is trying to teach others.

You can live a Paleo life in America, in 2015, without being complete “Tree-Hugger”

Some people do not even get started with the paleo lifestyle and paleo diet because they just can’t wrap their heads around it. All of us who are “paleo” don’t just sit around and eat bacon and go to cross-fit all day long. We have real life problems and issues just like everyone else. We have jobs, kids, work commitments, family commitments, etc. As I lay out in my 8 Week Paleo Boot Camp, you do not have to do it 100% of the time; you will have some cheat days here and there. You will be able to enjoy life, feel great, forget about getting sick and sick days and wish you would have went this lifestyle years ago.

You see, I am a real person. I have a full time job as a chiropractor, I have a beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters. I have bills, diaper changing duties, meal prep, cleaning, etc just like you do. Like I mentioned I don’t simply eat bacon, go to cross fit, and count my steps on my apple watch all day long. I know “paleo-types” get a bad rap sometimes as tree-huggers and granola types. I am here to say we are just like you and your family. Sure, eating and living paleo will take a little more planning time, maybe a new cookbook for your kitchen, and maybe cleaning out some of the harsh chemicals that are lingering around your home (especially your bathroom.) I ensure you that it will all be worth it in the end. Yes, you’ll have to stay out of the inside of your grocery store, and you will feel a little weird eating a lot more fat instead of carbohydrates. The positives will be your exercise time will be cut in half, which means more time for other activities and family time. You will find that your weight, and the way you look in the mirror will improve drastically and quickly. Your clothes will fit much better. Oh, and did I mention you will forget about sick days. Soon, your friends will be asking how your children are so well behaved and never get sick when the rest of their classmates do.

So how does this all work? I can tell you firsthand that I have taught thousands of patients and clients how to live this type of lifestyle. It will take a little work and planning in the beginning, but it will be well worth it. You will definitely be a little uncomfortable eating a lot more fat in the place of all the carbohydrates, but once you see the results you will never go back. Will you have to clean out your bathroom and kitchen of all the harsh chemicals? Most likely you will. I will teach you exactly how to clean out your house and what to start buying to replace those products and foods.

My program just doesn’t teach you to eat bacon and throw away bread. It is much, much more. It encompasses and entire lifestyle over 8 weeks of trainings, videos, and access to me. To truly be healthy, you need to know which exercises to perform regularly, how to naturally detoxify your body from all the harsh chemicals we encounter each and every day, what cleaning products and bathroom products to use. How to think properly and stay engaged for the sake of yourself and your family. How to exercise your mind and brain; not just your body. What food and drink choices to make at home as well as eating out. I will also teach you how to enjoy life, have some cheat days, and even how to make or purchase some healthy snacks.

These changes will not take place overnight. It is a process. That is the reason I made the 8 Week Paleo BootCamp. I have tried to change people with one consultation or one personal visit, but it never seems to work. I want to hold your hand for 8 weeks and teach you what needs to be changed in your life and your lifestyle. I know change doesn’t happen overnight, but throughout the 8 weeks, you will feel and see the changes for yourself, and I will personally keep you motivated throughout the two months.

The time is now; do not wait for a health scare to make a change. Start today so there will be no health scare. It is all about prevention and living the life of your dreams. You only live once; you might as well feel great while you’re here.

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