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June 9, 2015
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What is Ketosis?

Essentially, ketosis is when you consume very low amounts of carbohydrates which will deplete your liver of glycogen and your body will have to burn fat instead of glucose for fuel.  When your body starts to burn these fats they produce KETONES as a byproduct.  Basically, going “very” low carbohydrate and putting your body in a ketotic state; you essentially make yourself a Fat Burning Machine.

In the world we live in, most of us constantly have blood sugar spikes throughout the day.  It starts with your morning juice or even your morning “health drink.”  Later in the day your will most likely consume some whole grains which you were taught were healthy and for dinner maybe some pasta, bread along with a dessert.  You see, on a day like this your body is always in a state to burn sugar (glucose) because you have been constantly feeding it just that.  If your body has a choice between burning glucose or fat for fuel, it will always choose the sugar and leave the fat inside of you.


Following a high fat/low carbohydrate model will induce your body into ketosis and your body will have no other option but to start to burn fat for fuel.  In the absence of glucose, your body and your brain like to use ketones for fuel and energy.  The great part about this is your chemistry knows it must start to burn fat in order to make the ketone.  This is why going low carb will induce your body into burning fat, losing weight, looking better and even feeling better due to the fact that your blood chemistry is going to be better regulated.


In a Nutshell


By consuming low carb and consuming high fat and moderate protein, you essentially give your body no other choice but to start burning fat for energy and fuel.  When your body starts to burn fat, you produce ketones that your cells and your brain use for fuel and energy.  When this occurs, you will lose weight and start to feel better.


Real Life


What does this mean for you?  Well, if you have never gone ketotic before then it is definitely time to give it a try.  Even if you have a sweet-tooth or are a carb junkie, you can do it.  With the patients I see in private practice, they usually tell me after day 3 or 4 they start to lose their sugar cravings.  You must have the willpower to get through the first few days and then you will be home-free.  Once you feel your body is stabilized, feeling great, and at a good weight; we will then talk about the next phase and how to incorporate healthy carbs back into your diet without messing up your blood chemisty.


Typical Ketotic day for me


Breakfast – Scrambled eggs with mushrooms/peppers


Lunch – Salad with cut up veggies on top (oil and coconut aminos dressing)


Or protein smoothie


Dinner – Grilled salmon and asparagus


I will drink a cup of Bulletproof coffee in the morning and have water and kombucha tea the rest of the day.



For more on the ketotic diet, feel free to check out my “Non Stop Paleo BootCamp” and how to make this a lifestyle and gain control of your health the right way and the way that will last a lifetime.

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