Health, Wellness & Peak Performance Consultation with Dr. Caras

*Do you have health concerns and questions that need to be answered?

*Do you want to know the right foods to consume for your condition?

*Are you wondering what specific vitamins and nutrients you need?

*Would you like to know the keys to peak athletic performance?

*Have you ever wondered why you cannot lose the weight even though you are eating right and exercising?

*Do you have other health questions that haven’t been answered?

Here is your chance to talk to wellness guru, Dr. Caras, on a 1 hour phone consultation. Any and all your questions will be answered. The floor is yours for approximately 1 hour. We can go through any health and wellness question or topic of your concern. Your health history, your exercise routines, your diet plan, your stress, your family history, etc. No stone will be un-turned.

Dr. Caras has helped thousands of patients lose weight, find a balanced life, relieve stress, and reach their peak potential. You owe it to yourself to learn the health secrets and break through whatever is holding you back. Whether it’s your blood work, x-rays, MRI’s, etc, Dr. Caras will thourghouly go through all your previous tests with you and guide you on your way to health & Wellness.

Dr. Caras’ charges thousands of dollars in private practice to treat his patients, but with the age of technology that we now live in, he is currently scheduling his 1 hour phone consultations for only $199. Simply fill out the form below, and you will receive an email to schedule your appointment with Dr. Caras and be on your way to Great Health!

Dr. Caras Health & Wellness 1 hr. Phone Consultation

From: $199.00