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September 2, 2015
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September 10, 2015

Can I seriously eat bacon every day on the Paleo Diet? Hell NO!!


The Paleo Diet Uncovered: Can I really just eat MEAT all day every day?

This Paleoholic tells you why you have to stay away from meat (most of the time)

Listen guys, when people decide to drop the grains and dairy and go Paleo, the common misconception is that they can eat meat all day long and suddenly be super healthy. It sounds great, but unfortunately your body and your DNA doesn’t work that way.

This Meat-Mentality is a huge problem for a lot of beginner Paleo’ers. You might actually lose a few pounds over the first couple months on your new “bacon” diet, but that doesn’t mean you’re harnessing your DNA potential. You see, I have looked at the research over and over, as well as looking at different cultures to see who is the healthiest and more importantly why they are the healthiest. In the revolutionary book, Blue Zones, researchers studied why and how specific populations all over the globe were living into their 100’s. Not only living, but thriving into old age and continuing to be functioning citizens. One thing these researchers noticed was these people were only eating meat about 5 times per month. ONLY 5 TIMES PER MONTH!! Some of you Paleoholics are eating 5 servings per meat before lunch time. Come on guys, you can’t believe this is actually healthy. (and I am a Paleo-nut)

So what does this mean to you and me? Over the past decade, somehow the Paleolithic diet has become a “meat diet.” It was never meant to be that way. The Paleo plan at its core is to eliminate grains and dairy, leaving meat as an “ok” food. As seen so common in America, we ran with this concept. We decided bacon, burgers, and steaks were now the essence of the paleo diet. This was never the plan and never what the researchers intended it to be. Animal products tend to put your body in an acidic state where as fruits and vegetables will alkalize your body. Most cancers and other diseases thrive in an acidic state hence why these 100 year-olds probably lived so long in the first place. One phrase I use in my clinic almost every day is “alkalize or die.” You must keep the acidic foods out and the alkalizing foods in. This simple concept will have you feeling so much better in no time.

Where does this leave us? It is my goal to get you guys moving more towards a vegan-paleo diet. Eat a little meat here and there, but your daily consumption needs to come more from plant based foods. Look at is this way; stay away from grains and dairy, eat a ton of vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, and have a little meat from time to time. Oh, and make sure your meat wasn’t eating grains; this means you will be eating the grains too.

There you have it. Don’t overkill the meat concept when switching to a paleo diet. Going paleo is one of the healthiest strategies you can do for your health and longevity. Just realize what the “Real” paleo diet consists of. As much as I love bacon, you really can’t eat it 3 times a day and believe that is the fountain of youth.

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