Dr. Nick Caras

Dr. Nick Caras is has been in private practice since 2004 as a wellness-based chiropractor with a diplomate degree from the International Chiropractic Association in wellness sciences. He is very passionate about teaching people in America and throughout the world about the entire Paleo-Lifestyle.

It started out as just a diet plan, but as new research emerges from the top scientific and medical institutions throughout the world, the Paleo-Lifestyle is much much more about what you eat. It is about your entire lifestyle.

It is a life without chronic lifestyle diseases. It is a life with health, happiness and long-lasting relationships. Dr. Caras is here to teach you that lifestyle. From the proper vitamins and supplements, to what your bloodwork really means, to a paleo exercise program and even how to detox the way our paleolithic ancestors did. If you are serious about regaining your health the right way and making a lifestyle out of it, not just another 60 day fad diet, then Dr. Caras has the tools for you that will guide you for a lifetime.